I just wanted to thank you all, the foundation, the sponsors, and the donors, y'all have no idea how grateful we are for the help you have provided for us, there are not enough words to say thank you. My family and I are extremely grateful, y'all have no idea how much this meant for us and especially for my baby. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much!!

Brandi C., Stephenville, TX
JTF has been an amazing help to us. My daughter needed a new electric wheelchair as she had outgrown hers and was no longer able to fit in it. We were battling insurance for authorization for a year and a half. JTF was able to get us a chair to use while we continued to appeal to insurance to get what she needed to maintain her independence.

Star H., Volunteer
They bring HOPE to medically fragile children and their families!! Amazing organization!

Anonymous, Abilene, TX
I first found the Joseph Thomas Foundation & learned of their benefits at a local school backpack drive. We picked up numerous pamphlets from organizations that would benefit my newly disabled son. While trying to find medical equipment to support my son's needs, I would quickly learn how hard it is to actually get my hands on these items. The Joseph Thomas Foundation made it easy for me. They got Val his bedding supplies, a wheelchair, and other incontinence items. They were a blessing and helped more than they could imagine.